Our mission is to improve the study and teaching of artworks, old and new, from around the globe.


Greg Bryda

Greg Bryda is an art historian. He is writing his dissertation at Yale on late Gothic art in southern Germany. Inventing an app for art historians fits squarely with his professional background. Before Yale, he was an Associate Vice President at Citi's Private Bank, having studied economics at Penn's Wharton School in addition to art history at Penn's College of Arts and Sciences.


Laura Austin

Laura Austin is a seasoned professional with a passion for all things art and design. Award-winning and obsessively-driven her work spans a broad range of categories and consistently pushes the boundaries. As the lead designer for Wolff she is responsible for shepherding the brand identity and working closely with Greg and Max to deliver a truly unique experience to the world of Art History.


Yvonne Convent

Yvonne is an art historian trained in Heidelberg and Siena. After her education, she escaped to Florence to study the marvels of the Italian Renassiance (and to enjoy the world's best pizza) under the aegis of the Kunsthistorisches Institut. Her academic focus is reception aesthetics and history, though her thirst for art in pop culture reflects in her work as Wölff's manager of social media.